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drugtestsource.com™ is a service of LWScientific, Inc. For years LWS has provided superior quality consumable lab products (reagents) and equipment to professionals in laboratory research and primary health care globally.
Are you an employer or institution that needs to conduct random or comprehensive drug testing on a regular basis? Checkout our 10-packs for great value on quantity purchases. In today's service economy drug testing of your workforce is expected by most residential and commercial customers. Don't overpay or be enticed by expensive programs ... conduct your own
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drugtestsource.com™ offers you a line of simple, inexpensive, and private one-step tests for Marijuana, PCP, Cocaine, Meth & Amphetamines.
We offer only FDA-cleared laboratory grade tests ... the same tests used by professional labs, but no special equipment is needed to use and read our simple strips. Just apply to the specimen and within 1-5 minutes you can easily read the result, positive or negative for:
  • Marijuana (THC) - also known as pot, weed, grass, cannabis, mary jane, dope, bud, and hydro
  • PCP (Phencyclinide) - also known as angel dust, rocket fuel, hog, wack, squeeze, water, dust, oxone, zoot, peace pill, wet, water, amp, hydro, sherm, love boat, haze, dank, and kapow
  • Cocaine - also known as coke, snow, nose candy, flake, blow, big C, lady, snowbirds, and white in it's powder form; as crack or rock in it's solid form
  • Methamphetamines (Methedrine) - also known as speed or crystal when it is swallowed or sniffed; as crank when it is injected; and as ice or glass when it is smoked
  • Amphetamines (Benzedrine, Dexedrine) - also known as speed
  • Morphine
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