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Drugtestsource.com™ is a service of LWScientific, Inc. For years LWS has provided superior quality consumable lab products (reagents) and equipment to professionals in laboratory research, primary health care, and veterinary practice around the world. Our particular mission at Drugtestsource.com™ is to provide high quality drug testing kits for use in the home or office ... with your privacy as our first concern. We ship products to your home or office discreetly in plain, unmarked packing boxes so as not to identify the contents.

Whether you are a consumer, parent, employer, scientist, lab tech, or physician, Drugtestsource.com™ is the place to find the products you need, at a price you will like. Our goal is to provide consumers and professionals with the best and most efficient products, at a value. Our test strips are not imitations, but exactly the same technology used in professional labs. We ship only professional-grade products to insure accuracy, but we make them easily available for private use in the home or office.

LWScientific is a long-standing leader in the manufacturing and distrubution of premium-quality products and services to the healthcare industry. We are backed by years of business acumen, service-driven market excellence, and manufacturing expertise in consumables, precision instruments, and electronics. LWScientific means quality, integrity, and value!

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